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The part about me.

I'm Sierra.


Wife. Auntie. Full-Time Photographer. Dog Mom. Avid Kayaker. Sister. Suicide Loss Survivor.

I live in Illinois. Most people assume that's Chicago, but no... I live in the capitol of Illinois... Springfield, surrounded by corn and beans, and a whole lot of nothing else.

I'm an awkward introvert, with the exception of when I have a camera in my hand. In normal conversation with friends and strangers I never know what to say. But put a camera in my hand or sit me down with a pen and paper or keyboard and it all comes spilling out... I think I've always been this way, but who the hell really knows?

I'm overly-attached to my husband, Joe. It's been like that since the beginning. There's soul mates, and then there's Joe and I... and I know what you're thinking, "Every woman says that about their husband..." But no, Joe is my person. My favorite human in this entire world.

My brother took his life September 12, 2020, and there is a “before my brother killed himself” Sierra, and an “after my brother killed himself” Sierra. You’re meeting the latter. The before Sierra wasn’t so full of grief, pain, and sadness. But apparently the only thing I can do is navigate the waters as best I can... and I guess I’m hoping this blog will help with the grieving process; who even knows?


The After Sierra.

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